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Are there any side effects?

As long as you follow the usage instructions you won't notice any side effects from Tabex. If you continue to smoke while taking Tabex you will experience an unpleasant feeling or nausea 

How do I use Tabex?

This page contains instructions on how to use Tabex to quit smoking.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship worldwide, directly from our partner in Poland, where Tabex is produced. Your Tabex will be sent with its original packaging and usage instructions.

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Simply click on the "Buy" button or follow this link to place your order. We accept various payment methods.

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As soon as your payment is received your order will be shipped in 3-4 working days. Depending on your location it can take op to two weeks for the package to arrive.

Do you offer refunds?

If you selected tracked shipment and your order is not delivered we will offer you a refund as per our refund policy.

Customer Reviews

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Grazie a tabex ho smesso di fumare

Ero una fumatrice incalliti da 30 anni mi piaceva fumare avevo provato varie volte a smettere con vari sistemi senza riuscirci poi ho provato tabex e ho smesso! Inizialmente le ho diminuite e comunque non sentivo questa gran necessità di fumare era più per abitudine poi le ho eliminate. Ho provato un gran senso di libertà non ero più schiava della sigaretta! Consiglio il prodotto a chiunque voglia smettere davvero grazie tabex ora l'ho consigliato anche ad un mio amico

Waiting impatienly

Ordered 1month supply in December 2019 and still have not received. How long does this take

Received nothing

To date I have not yet received the package if the good arrive I changed the review

Great Product!

No side effects at all!

The first 2 weeks were the worst

But with a single package I was able to quit cold turkey after 15 years of smoking

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