Smokers have a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19

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How will my order be shipped?

We ship worldwide, directly from our partner in Poland, where Tabex is produced. Your Tabex will be sent with its original packaging and usage instructions.

How do I use Tabex?

This page contains instructions on how to use Tabex to quit smoking.

How do I buy Tabex pills?

Simply click on the "Buy" button or follow this link to place your order. We accept various payment methods.

How soon will you deliver?

As soon as your payment is received your order will be shipped in 3-4 working days. Depending on your location it can take op to two weeks for the package to arrive.

Do you offer refunds?

If you selected tracked shipment and your order is not delivered we will offer you a refund as per our refund policy.

What is tabex?

Tabex helps you quit your smoking addiction. The active ingredient in Tabex is called cytisine.

Is cytisine available in the US?

Yes, we ship Tabex worldwide!

Is cytisine safe?

Yes, clinical studies have been conducted and there is no evidence cytisine is unsafe.

Are there any side effects?

As long as you follow the usage instructions you won't notice any side effects from Tabex. If you continue to smoke while taking Tabex you will experience an unpleasant feeling or nausea 

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Martina Bukovski

Pozdrav! Kako mogu naručiti ovaj proizvod? Ali tako da preuzimam pouzećem.

hi, please email us at [email protected] so we can assist you. thank you!

Sandra Schlindwein
Finally delivrred

After 30 e-mails, before we go to the police, and 4 month since the order payement we have received the order.

thank you and apologies for this, sandra. there are things that we cant control. glad you got the items now. good day!

Sandra Schlindwein
Be carefull

Here the last news about our order since may, Marga finally fond our payement their bank is to be blâmer, she wrote. She asked us to send our IBAN. Lol !!!! for a refound for our order and since this joke no more answer. Not a mail regarding the order.

Voici les nouvelles de notre commande du mois de mai, ils ont enfin trouvé notre règlement et blâment leur banque. Marga de [email protected] nous demande notre IBAN pour nous rembourser, belle arnaque, lol. Depuis notre refus de confier les coordonnées de notre compte, plus un mail plus un suivi, aucune réponse....

your tracking is RR367833790PL

we had some issues with payments received but we will never scam anyone.

thank you for your time and patience!

Sandra Schlindwein

We are waiting since 5th may our order, we sent them froid of payement. And they still answer That they need more prooDO NOT ORDER ON THIS SITE IT'S A RUBBERY.

NOUS ATTENDONS NOTRE COMLANDE DEPUIS LE 5 mai et avo s envoyé la preuve de règlement de notre banque vers leur compte en Hollande. Ils nient avoir été payé et veulent un extrait de compte. Ce sont des voleurs une belle arnaque et allons porter plainte.

your tracking is RR367833790PL

we had some issues with payments received but we will never scam anyone.

thank you for your time and patience!

Nadjia Senous

Cela fait maintenant 4 jours que j'ai arrêté la cigarette grâce à Tabex et ça se passe très bien.

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