Smokers have a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19

Vaping, is it that much safer?

Miles per hour, brandel France de Bravo, Laura Gottschalk, PhD, John Anthony Fraga, Jared Hirschfield, National Center for Health Research cigarettes, or cigarette, are being promoted as the alternative to cigarettes. They come in a range of forms and include Juuls mods, and pens that are vape. Because majority has been done on them, the focus of the article is on cigarettes, but a lot of the info below is pertinent to these products.

The questions are? What does the FDA consider them? Will they reverse the decrease can they help individuals stop smoking in life? Here's what you need to know. What're E cigarettes? E cigarettes are devices that were shaped like cigarettes, but include Juuls mods, and pens that are vape. Every of these products contain nicotine relaxes, and is found in tobacco. These products that are electronic allow nicotine to be inhaled they work by heating a cartridge containing nicotine in addition to other compounds. Since cigarette heat is considered smokeless. The study examined the saliva of 5 adults after and before per 15 minute vaping session. The saliva had a rise in potentially dangerous chemicals, like formaldehyde and acrolein.
The questions are? What does the FDA consider them? Will they reverse the decrease can they help individuals stop smoking in life? 

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The Food and Drug Administration has been warning that nicotine-induced seizures could be a rare side effect of vaping. Over the past decade, there have been at least 35 reports of seizures — sudden and uncontrolled disturbances in the brain — following e-cigarette use. The cases were reported through the FDA’s adverse event reporting system, a database of voluntary reports from patients, product manufacturers, and health professionals, and to poison control centers across the country.

“While 35 cases may not seem like much compared to the total number of people using e-cigarettes, we are nonetheless concerned by these reported cases,” FDA’s former director Scott Gottlieb said in a press release. “We also recognize that not all of the cases may be reported.”

Researchers have long known that seizures can be a side effect of nicotine poisoning — recognized as a risk in agricultural workers who handle tobacco leaves, and in toddlers who accidentally swallow e-cigarette liquid.

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