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Clinical studies on Tabex

Clinical Studies on the effectiveness of Tabex

Tabex cytisine has been clinically tested on a number of patients. Stoyanov S. And Yanachkova M. One of the creators of Cytisine studied 70 volunteers with a long expertise in smoking cessation and discovered that 57 percent of patients stopped smoking at 31.4 percent the result was partial: reduction of the cigarettes smoked from 20-30 to 3-4 per day. Results were negative in 11 percent of patients that is due to the early stopping of Tabex: before the 3rd day of therapy - an amount of time needed to saturate the organism with cytisine. In the second group of 17 smokers with acute diseases, the administration of Tabex together with antipsychotics, antidepressants and insulin directed 5 patients to quit smoking and induced decrease. 

Consequently tabex doesn't socialize in favor with the medication received by the groups of patients. Vlaev S. Et al. Considers the chance to control the depressive symptoms in five patients with psychogenic and periodic depression in Tabex dosage and application. Tabex was implemented progressively increasing doses, the maximum daily dose is 15 mg. A rapid reduction of the depressive symptoms, the improvement of patients with reactive depression being obtained in the end of week one. In patients with periodic depression - from the end of the second week. As a side result, the inner tension and a minor decrease of blood pressure level are pointed out. 

The antidepressant effect of the drug is described with the increase of the catecholamine level, particularly adrenaline that is reduced in patients with depression. The adrenostimulating effect of Tabex has been well known for quite a very long time, but his antidepressant activity is reported by Antonov L. And V. Velkov. The effect of the treatment with Tabex cytisine at the Friedrichsheim Hospital at Berlin shows a decrease of the amount of smokers who've given up smoking with Tabex cytisine. The antidepressant action is confirmed by psychosis in 2 patients that have received Tabex cytisine in the condition of remission. 

The result is much like use of the antidepressant psychoforin of patients. These statistics are confirmed by Stoyanov and Yanachkova in psychic patients. The authors say that a sort of depression is suitable for Tabex therapy with quite cautious increase of the daily doses. Paun D. And Franze J. From the Friedrichscheim Hospital at Berlin studied the therapeutic efficacy of Tabex in 266 smokers, by comparing it to a 239 placebo group. Results were followed on the 4th, eighth, thirteenth and 26th week after using Tabex.

Patients with serious intent to give up smoking have priority. On the eighth week, 55% of patients treated with Tabex have stopped smoking, this percent decreasing to 26% in the end of the week 26. The recidivists at the principal group has decreased by twice the number of cigarettes consumed. The writers show the exceptional results of those treated with Tabex when compared to the group treated with placebo and also conclude that Tabex could be successfully used when the patient has a serious intention to give up smoking. Clinical studies on Tabex were also undertaken with Tabex given to 366 smokers with hepatitis and 239 patients treated with placebo.

After completing the full course, 55% of the patients gave up smoking, and also the group with placebo there was a result in only 34 percent. Out of 230 smokers with bronchitis treated with Tabex 85% gave up smoking with Tabex by the end of the 4th week, and after eight weeks - 66% and after 23 months - 46%. These results have been widely documented and utilized in further clinical studies. Tabex cytisine tablets became increasingly more in demand because of the safe and healthier health advantages it provides compared to nicotine based nutritional supplements. Following is the remedy with Tabex Cytisine at a risk group of smokers in Berlin and Potsdam.

Schmidt F. Conducted quantity testing of 14 drugs for 1975 smokers by way of a double blind placebo controlled experiment. Tabex was given to 181 patients overall. Results show that patients treated with Tabex had optimal improvement. 103 patients gave up smoking after 3 months this percent in which it decreased to 38%. Tabex is followed by utilizing the drugs niperli, atabaco, citotal, unilobin, potassium chloride, potassium granulate, potassium citrate, nicobrevin, targofagine, etc. All volunteers received by email the method of utilizing Tabex as to avoid the effect extrapharmacological circumstances therefore the results recorded by the patients themselves in question forms are reliable.

We could draw the following general conclusions regarding the therapeutic efficacy of Tabex: The medication Tabex was analyzed on 1045 volunteers and compared to 400 patients treated with placebo and 1500 patients treated with some other anti smoking drugs. The results obtained show that 55 to 76% of the patients treated with Tabex gave up smoking. These generalized percentages from various studies are statistical significance and therefore are greater that those of the other preparations compared. Tabex showed a maximum impact on the chronic pulmonary diseases associated prolonged smoking, as well as on patients with psychic diseases of a depressive nature.

No serious adverse effects have been discovered by utilizing Tabex Cytisine. A vast improvement of the general condition of the patients was observed due to the discontinuation nicotine. Note: 2 month cycle benefits. Patients who've neglected throughout the first class should repeat the course on the second month.

(Tabex is always recommended to be cycled twice for maximum benefits) . If this fails repeat the course at intervals of 4 to 5 months whilst making the conscious effort to stop smoking with Tabex inbetween. 

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