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How does Tabex work?

How does Tabex work?

Tabex is a medicinal product against smoking. Please be aware that it is not a drug of any kind however a completely natural based product made from a plant extract. It is available to purchase without a prescription. Worldwide interest has grown in recent years due to its effectiveness.

Tabex has a comprehensive effect on pathogenetic mechanisms of nicotine dependence:

  • The alkaloid cytisine is a powerful antagonist of nicotine receptors.
  • Cytisine has wider therapeutic range than nicotine which makes its profile of action safer.
  • Cytisine reduces depressive symptoms related to discontinuation of nicotine intoxication.
  • Compared to nicotine, it has much weaker effect on the peripheral nervous system and blood pressure

Inside your brain

Cytisine is an agonist of the cholinoreceptors from vegetative ganglia and belong to the group of gangliostimulating drugs. It excites the nicotine very sensitive cholinoreceptors of the postsynaptic membranes at the vegetative ganglia, chromaffin cells at the molecular part of the suprarenal gland and sinocarotid reflexogenic area, which results in excitation of the respiratory center, mainly throughout the reflexes, simulation of adrenaline release by the medullary side of the suprarenal glands and a growth in the blood pressure. Following its absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, cytisine plays the role of a smoking replacement substance that decreases the period of interaction between smoking and the corresponding receptors. 

This subsequently leads to the gradual decrease and cessation of smokers and bodily nicotine addiction. Many researchers confirm in various pharmacological experiments the connection between the medicinal properties of cytisine and tobacco, as described by Dale & Laidlaw and is also supported by conclusions ofmore potent as ganglion-stimulating than as ganglioblocking Zachowsky, Anichkov, Dobrev and Paskov, Daleva, etc.more potent as ganglion-stimulating than as ganglioblocking significantly more potent as ganglion-stimulating than as ganglioblocking broker. Comparable effects of the two drugs were obtained in experiments on smoking and cytisine is much more quantitative than qualitative. Comparable effects of the two drugs were obtained in experiments on rats and cats, or on guinea pig ileum and rat diaphragm, the doses of cytisine being 1/4 to 2/3 from the smoking dose. System, Cytisine has a weaker nerve system, Cytisine has a weaker influence in comparison nerve system.

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