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For more than 50 years Tabex has helped millions in Eastern Europe to quit smoking the safe and natural way. At the distant 1865 acad. Orehov found out and analysed the alkaloid cytisine contained in Family Papilionaceae and is the main active material of Tabex®. Cytisine belongs to the group of nicotine blockers which are known in practice as respiration stimulators. The pharmacological analysis cytisine at the pharmacology department of the Sofia Medical Institute started as soon as from the 50s of the last century and their goal was to create a dosage form for the needs of resuscitation. During experimental studies on anaesthetised cats, two famous Bulgarian pharmacologists

Prof. Paskov and Dr. Dobrev reached to the important conclusion that because of its lower toxicity than nicotine and mostly to its weaker peripheral influence on the cardiovascular system cytisine may be utilized as a smoking cessation device because it interacts with the very same receptors in human body together with nicotine. The intriguing thing in this story is that fifty years ago two significant smokers pharmacologists arrived at the fantastic idea the way to give a chance to the cigarettes dependent individuals to go throughout the abstinence syndrome easily, accompanying the cigarette stopping period and at the exact same time to feel stimulated, like cytisine additionally has confirmed anti gastrointestinal effect.

In 1962 in Bulgaria Prof. Isaev isolated cytisine from a plant with a gold chain plant and began an intensive research on the creation of the first medical product Tabex®. Large clinical studies in Bulgaria, Germany and Poland followed that confirmed the effectiveness and most of all of the need of positive attitude in cessation efforts. It's well known that mood and abstinence syndrome are psychic conditions, that accompany some dependency, which are difficult to overcome. The clinical study conducted in Bulgaria and overseas confirmed this advantage of Tabex.

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