Smokers have a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19

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Arrived fast and works great

Arrived fast and works great. Recommend


salve sono passate 3 settimane e non ancora ricevo il prodotto. a oggi non ho ricevuto nessuna informazione.

Hi, Rafael!

Good day!

I will check your order status. The mail now takes longer than usual . Sometimes it takes a month for some customers to receive their orders. Did you check your local post yet?

I will be updating you again anytime soon.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Very good

Yes this tablet help me stopen smoging

Hello! Glad to hear that! Keep going! Stay healthy and safe! :) Thank you!

request info

Good morning
I haven't received the product yet

Hi Marco!

Thank you for your purchase. We sent your order last Dec 16 Since it is free shipping, there is no tracking available, some customers were able to receive their order/s in 7-14 business days, the others, for about 20 business days, depending on your country's local post. We assure you that all orders sent were received by our customers. There could only be delays .If you have any other questions, ,you may message us anytime. Thanks for your patience.


Tabex to quit smoking

Very effective.

Glad to hear that. Thank you, Alexandra! Keep it going! :)

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